March 6, 2009

Dear Residents,

We are pleased to inform that the Gotong Royong & Tree Planting activities have all been finalised and we are ready clean and spruce up our Taman!

YB Iskandar Samad, ADUN of Cempaka will graciously officiate at the event. Other VIP guests include Tn Haji Meor, Ahli Majlis Zon 16/MPAJ and high ranking officials from TNB.

Breakfast and lunch will be served to all participants and drinks/mineral water will be available throughout the session.

We seek your assistance in the following matters:

1. If you are a key holder to the back lane fencing, please ensure the gates are open by 8.00 am on Sunday March 8, 2009. This is to help us paint the gates as well as to clean up the back lanes, where needed.

2. Registration for the gotong royong is at 8.00 am near the kawasan lapang at Hilir 5/6. Complete itinerary will be distributed soon.

3. To make this event a success, we need your cooperation and support. We have received tremendous support and participation from many of our residents and look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

We have invited the media to this event. This is our chance to get some positive publicity for our Taman! If our Taman is active, we may get more assistance and support from the authorities to help improve and enhance our living conditions at the Taman. We have a chance to be role model Taman!

Dear Residents,

The success of this Gotong Royong is in your hands. Together, we can make Taman Sri Angsana Hilir one the best places to live in. So, come out and help us all out on Sunday, March 8 2009! This is for our children and our families.

Please contact any of the Committee Members or your Block Reps if you have any enquiries on this matter.



February 26, 2009

Salam Hormat and Greetings to all fellow Residents of Taman Sri Angsana Hilir!

The TSAH Residents’ Association is happy and proud to inform you that we are organizing our very own Program Gotong Royong & Menanam Pokok in our effort to spruce up and beautify our beloved Taman.
Come out with your families and help make our Taman the best place to live in!
Don’t forget this date!

Date : 8 March 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

Breakfast and lunch will be served during the Gotong Royong.

ADUN Cempaka, Y.B. En Iskandar Samad will graciously officiate the Gotong Royong. Also present will be officers from MPAJ various department . This Program is supported by Bahagian Belia & Kemasyarakatan MPAJ, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Perbandaran & Kesihatan MPAJ, JKP Zon 16 and Pejabat ADUN Chempaka. Special thanks to Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan which will organise an anti dadah exhibition during the event too!

There will be an estimated 6 contractors from MPAJ and Alam Flora to help us with the tree planting and the cleaning up. So, let us all join in and make this Gotong Royong a great success!!

We need YOUR SUPPORT to make this Gotong Royong a success! Let us work hand-in-hand to make our Taman a clean and pleasant environment for all of us to live in comfort. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other better! We can help build a caring environment for our children to grow up in!

It would be great to have every one of you there on March 8 2009, working closely together and make this Gotong Royong a great success! We know we can count on your support!

You can help make this happen!

Thank you and warmest regards,

Faizal Mohammad Arshad
Chairman – TSAH Residents Association